Thursday, 30 November 2006

Rules for Nappycino Blogger Membership

  • Must be a regular contributor to Nappycino Forum (50 + posts)
  • no defammation of businesses, other members or products
  • may be personal, or involve products to sell, but do not spam other ring members with your products
  • blogs /journals only(must be able to add HTML code into them)
  • content suitable for family viewing\
  • Ring owner has the right to refuse/remove membership if blog content is unsuitable or does not follow guidelines

CorNic's Nappies - CorNic (tammy)

Corey and Nicholas's nappy stash

Rainbow Bum-Tikki (georgie)

Lily's MCN stash ~ a developing record which I'llhopefully finish before she toilet learns LOL

Tikki Fabric Addict-Tikki (georgie)

An insight into my fabric addiction; a place to view my ideas, previews, plans for world peace and just plain stupid thoughts.

Nappy Stash -Joh T( blog 1)

Joh T's cloth nappy stash collection, for DDs - Brielle and (out of nappies) Jadalyn

Floodeluddecke - Dee

The continuing adventures of two folks. And their little girl.

On the Baa Bum Needles- Katanya

See what is being created at Baa Bum Handknits, yarn, and creations

Knit me Pretty -Becboo(bec)

A place for me to get out my news about bub, knitting and everything in between :)

Bum Art -Katanya

A Place to show off my nappy collection and beautiful clothinga nd otehr things made my Australin WAHM (work at home mums)

Monster Knits Blog- Kris & Elissa

The easiest way to keep up to date with what the Monster Knitters are getting up to!

The Journey Of My Addiction- Cinderella

This is the journey of my change into the cloth world, MCN for my Son, and cloth menstrual pads for myself.

Blog 2- Jadalyn and Brielle's nappies - Joh T

Joh T's blog about Brielle and Jadalyn's nappies

Frogs and Snails -Maddy

Frogs and Snails Join Date: November 29, 2006 This blog is dedicated specially to my family and especially to my children. It will have all the little adventures that we have in our lives and will also show some of my creative exploits.

Jolly Jumbuck Journal- Creative Insomniac(Irene)

A rather chatty blog to talk about what I'm up to in creating for Jolly Jumbuck

Sunday, 26 November 2006

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