Friday, 6 April 2007

Diary Of a Wannabe WAHM- Deb

My journey as I decide whether to become a WAHM.

Craft Alley- Ali

Mt world as I know it - Genie

This site is about me, my family and my nappy stash

Totally Addicted to you- Kris

Nappies, woolies and precious things

My Sons- My Journey- Carla

My blog will be a place where my family and friends can share my journey and my family life :) A place where I can relax and be me :)

Adventures of an obsessed knitter and mad mum of 3._ Madmumof3 (Donna)

Adventures of an obsessed knitter and mad mum of 3- Madmumof3 (Donna)

Just a little about me, my life and my obsessions with knitting and nappies!

Mel in a nutshell - RockMel

Confessions Of an Addict
my journey with cloth nappies!

My Crazy Cloth World -Tina (huntersmum)

My crazy cloth world
A blog about my cloth nappying journeys

Thursday, 5 April 2007

How do I add "works in Progress" to my blog

How to do "works in progress bar that will show how your work is coming along

This is the code for adding the elements

I have had trouble adding the code to blogger without it converting it for me

in the meantime go to Nappycino and ths post and I have posted the instructions: