Tuesday, 6 February 2007

How to add pictures

how to add a picture

  1. on the "toolbar" (which the series of icons that appear at the top of the box that you type in when you do a new post)
  2. you will see an icon that looks like a scene(blue sky and moutains) in between the spell check and the rectangular eraser.
  3. click on this
  4. it will bring up a separate box in which you can choose several options
  5. add a new image from computer (in which it allows you to search for that image and add)
  6. or
  7. add image from the web(which allows you to add an image that is already uploaded on the web-like photobucket etc)
  8. to load an image from your computer- click "browse" and then search for the image you'd like to upload-the smaller the easier to upload I recommend about 400-500 pixels for faster up loading using broadband- smaller if on dial up, you dont need large than this for most things I find
  9. you also need to select the layout, I always use "none" as this will allow you to move the image aroudn your text(above and below and you can edit the position still), whereas the other choices will always remain at the top
  10. then select your image"size"- I use small on my blog for multiple images and medium for single images as I dont want to over power my whole blog with one image, people can click on these when they are published anyhow to get the bigger picture.
  11. then once you are done hit "up load image"
  12. it will give you a "loading" bar- just be patient, you can go and write your message while the image loads to fill in waiting time (I do my images first- text second)
To add a image via the web, if it is your own image then upload to a hosting site (your own or sites like photobucket)
then follow the direction above from #9 down

please ensure that if you are using an image (or text) that is not your own, to seek permission from the original person, it's not good practice to "borrow" images from others without it

If all this sounds confusing and you'd like to read more, go to the Blogger help on posting pictures

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