Friday, 1 December 2006

How do I join?

To join this blog ring you need to:

  1. register with Ringsurf Join here
  2. cut and paste the code you are given to your blog.
  3. With Beta bloggers it's really easy, you just click on "template" and choose "add new element" and the add HTML element in options
  4. With the orginal style bloggers, you need to add it directly into the HTML script, scroll down till you read "side bar" you'll see the code for the links there too and you can edit that while you are at it and paste it somewhere there.
  5. If you run into trouble email me -
    Save it then I will test that your blog ring box works properly and add you to the ring when I am on the computer
  6. Please note without the code inserted properly you cannot be added into the ring it relies on code to work

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